The Cashflow & Sales Forecasting  Spreadsheet


Plan your sales - control your cashflow
grow your business sustainably.






Who will you sell to this month and what will your customer buy? 
What turnover will you need to keep afloat and how will you achieve it ?
When should you take a stand at a trade show or run a promotion ?
When will you be in profit and when will you be struggling to survive ?


As an entrepreneur the answers to these questions are critical so that you can build a sustainable business and run it effectively.  You need this knowledge in order to ensure your business survives.






Projecting future sales accurately sometimes feels like a pipe dream but  to run your business sustainably it is important that you have a plan and understand when you have to rein in and when the best time is for you to invest in your business.

This spreadsheet uses common sense principles to help you guesstimate your future sales and stay accountable to your plan.

It keeps you in control of your spending and focussed on where your future sales will come from


I created this spreadsheet for anyone who wants to turn their business idea into reality. 
A business is not a business unless it can make a profit and with this tool you can see in black and white exactly what sales you can achieve and when and what it will cost you to achieve them.
Numbers do not lie.  The real value of this spreadsheet is that you can find out the truth about your business potential before you spend real money making mistakes.
It is impossible to make sales projections without determining who you are going to sell to, what they will buy from you and how much those sales are costing you.  This spreadsheet and video package provides you with the ability to work that out !

From Melinda:

Mastering this simple tool gave me the confidence and the focus to develop three hobby businesses into highly successful, international enterprises


What is included in this package

A two page, customisable,  friendly spreadsheet that works in any currency with both Excel and Google. It will help you work out where your sales will come from every month and what they will amount to. Then it will work out the expenses you need to offset against those sales.


A dummy proof step by step video and PDF instruction sheet that has me looking over your shoulder whilst you are filling in the spreadsheet.


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