Nail Your Brand Message

A laser focused one to one opportunity to identify and communicate your Wow Factor

  • Are you struggling to make sales ?   You know your products are amazing and customers are coming back for more but you are struggling to get recognised in the market place and it's feeling like you will never achieve the amount of sales you need.
  • You’ve tried all the usual strategies like ‘free shipping” and special offers but they just seem to be attracting crickets.
  • You know you can reach billions of people online but you are beginning to feel like it”s your fault that you are not and that is resulting in a big lack of confidence and motivation.


Well that’s not what I want for you.


I want you to be crystal clear with your unique brand message and to get it out there in a way that will have your people standing in line to buy your products.

Let's do this

Let's discover the real you.

  Building a successful brand is as much about who you are as it is about the products you sell so in this programme I plan to dig deep and to find out what really makes you tick. 

What do you love to do ? 

What makes you hide away in a corner? 

What is your true passion ?

What kind of lifestyle do you want?

To touch people emotionally with your brand (and that is what you need to do to be heard above the noise out there) it's hugely important that your messaging aligns with your values, speaks to the right people and tells the unique, technicolour story that is you.

In this programme I'm going to find out where that hot spot lies. Using an extensive and in depth questionnaire followed by a highly focussed one to one session we are going to get up close and personal with your brilliance and work out exactly how to communicate it through your brand.


Get heard above the noise ?

The global market value of natural and organic skin care products was expected to grow from almost 4.75 billion dollars in 2019 to roughly 7.2 billion dollars by 2024. (Statista).  This means that with your talents and your gorgeous products you have a fantastic opportunity, right now, to build the business of your dreams but it also means that the competition out there is fearsome. You need to be very clear on your path to success in terms of both your brand story and the most powerful ways to reach your people.  You also need to know exactly who those people are.

In order to thrive in today's market your brand story needs to be super special.  It isn't enough for your products to be natural and organic, sustainable or vegan you need a deep understanding of the customers you want to reach, how to emotionally engage with them and how to give them an irresistible reason to press that 'buy' button.

We know there are huge challenges out there and many of us are feeling insecure and nostalgic but the question is how to identify exactly where you fit, who you should be talking to and to find the best way to communicate your passion and authenticity through a strong brand story.




In depth Questionnaire

I'm going to get you to take a real hard look at who you are, your past, your present, your strengths and your weaknesses, who you like to hang out with and what you love to do. In short, we are going to discover the unique elements in your personality and lifestyle that will colour in your brand.


One to One Strategy Session

Once I have got up close and personal with your questionnaire I am going to weave some magic and in a deeply focussed one to one, one hour Zoom session we are going to nail your brand message and build a story that will get your people queuing up to buy your products. (I promise you I'm really good at this !)

Read what people are saying about this programme

Melinda really understood me and my brand. She used her wide experience and was able to help me greatly.


The session was immensely useful. We covered the brand message, direction and Melinda answered queries that I had.


Amazed at how it exceeded my expectations. I couldn’t believe it was only an hour, we covered so much.


The session was a real eye-opener for me. It really focused all the thoughts and ideas in my head. I took away not only a focused brand message but an action plan as well.


I really wished I found Melinda at the beginning of my brand journey, I would have saved a lot of time and effort.


Marwa A. Qatar.

Wonderful course and Mentor really felt like my plans were thought about thoroughly with a great interest and wanted to provide value and actionable takeaways in order for me to clarify my vision around the brand.


The deeper insight into my own story and how this could translate into the brand identity more and all the add ons that could be possible within the business. No nonsense, good sense and a thinker outside the box. Very insightful and helpful.


Thank you Melinda, a pleasure to work with you too. A great investment made!


Emily K. UK.

Wonderful! Melinda was very engaging, insightful, personable, and honest.

I found the session was very useful. She provided excellent feedback on what I have done so far with my brand, what is missing, what to consider changing, and several areas to focus on to further my niche in the men's grooming world. I value her honest critique. I have a clearer direction now on where to take my brand and where not to waste money. Melinda inspired some hope that I can make it in this industry. I'm running around with a notebook in my hand as ideas pop into my head from her suggestions.


I feel the session definitely lived up to my expectations. Melinda is an expert in growing successful businesses and she know the struggles of those just starting out. That is very meaningful to me. I expected an honest assessment of what I have done so far, as well as some advice on what next, or what to improve. She hit it straight on with an honest assessment, what was missing, what to improve, and how and where to use my strengths. Melinda’s advice is invaluable to me. I am super excited to move forward.

Mary A. USA.


I signed up for the Nail Your Brand Message program having had previous opportunities to listen to Melinda through webinars she had delivered in the past. This program was however going to be my first time ever working one-on-one with a coach of any kind, and a part of me was scared. What if Melinda thought my brand idea which was dear to my heart was "no good"? What if I was not able to nail my brand message? I felt vulnerable. Well my fears were unfounded. First of all Melinda made me feel at ease, I felt like I was chatting with someone with loads of experience and success, who genuinely wanted to see me also become successful. She was forthright with me if she thought something would not work and enthusiastic if she thought it would.

As I reflected on the call later I said to myself 'Melinda did it! She really is good at this!" I know I am just at the beginning of my journey but I am confident that with the suggestions you made during our call and with the additional support through the Fast Track Hub I will nail my brand message.


Aba W. USA

Being an entrepreneur isn’t easy. Let’s start with that. You have a clear business plan. Perfect! And, you’re an entrepreneur, which means you are intelligent, committed and equipped to work very hard.

While you are taking care of production, packaging, copy, web-development, photographs, social media, accounting, employees, taxes, and compliance... there is something else happening - CHANGE. The market is dynamic! It changes and so do you. It’s ok. It’s energy and growth in action. Melinda has the experience, intellect, and honesty to help you navigate shifting trends. She can help interpret how these changes relate to your brand. She will listen, then offer guidance to support an empowered mindset. As a brand mentor, Melinda, can be a very effective “true north” relationship in your toolbox.


Carol M - USA

I am amazed at the patience displayed during our "Nail Your Brand" one on one session. We found it immensely useful and it far surpassed our expectations. It was incredibly uplifting to find someone who understands the soap business and thinks this is achievable. The depth of Melinda’s knowledge has been surpassed only by her ability to explain ideas in a manner we can both understand and execute.


If you want your brand to stand out from the crowd, please seriously consider this workshop with Melinda! If you are a bit lost or overwhelmed with your way forward, she will definitely find you the best and fastest route (a bit like the GPS in your car...truly!). The right brand message is crucial, and Melinda really knows her stuff!  The session was more helpful than I had expected, and I expected something pretty great! :-)

Tracey Berne - Australia

A Bit About Me

Thirty years ago I started out  as a single mum with no qualifications and three under twos to support.  I wrote a list of what I could possibly earn money at and it was a very short list….. I could type, I could write great letters and  I could knit.


Since then I have built three six figure businesses – one in the craft industry, (I’ve written 30 internationally published books on crafts), one in designer knitwear (which I created and sold worldwide) and one with handmade soap and natural cosmetics. (from my kitchen I built what became the largest handmade soap company in the UK supplying all the supermarkets and major store groups.)


For the past 15 years I have coached over 200 entrepreneurs helping them find the courage and discipline to monetize their passions and build their own empires.  I found my true purpose and I love it.


Today I live in The People’s Republic of Facebook and in glorious South West France with my Standard Poodle, ‘Doris’ my cats ‘Chanel’ and 'Bertie' and my two chickens 'Sophie' and 'Marilyn'.

Let's show the world how unique your brand is !

Let's do this

Key benefits from this programme.

  • The chance for you to get a really informed, objective and in depth view on your brand story from a highly acclaimed industry coach. Over the last 15 years I have coached over 200 entrepreneurs and helped many of them to build brilliant skincare brands.  I have learned a great deal from my clients and I can tell you for sure that above all, success starts with a highly powerful brand story and to create that you need an experienced and objective view.    Often, with all the time and effort we put into building our businesses we get too close and fail to see what is right in front of us;  the power of our own story and personality and how we can weave it into our brand and turn ordinary into extraordinary. 
  • You've done the work and your brand is out there but its just not gaining traction ? That could be because you don't know who your customer is or it might be that you are using other people's marketing techniques rather than your own. The marketing world is changing at a frightening pace and people are bored seeing the same old things.  In our strategy session we will not only nail your brand story but we will also work on a tailor made solution and the best methods you can use to shout about it.


  • Once you are absolutely clear on what your brand represents and how to communicate it you will make your customers feel as if they are part of your family, create brand loyalty, engage your customers and keep them inspired and keen to buy your products.




Let's do this

Happy Stories From My Clients

Melinda has provided invaluable guidance to us in all areas of our business, from direction of the company to product design. We would not be where we are without her expert assistance. Thanks Melinda!


The Camel Soap Factory was the Gulf Capital SME Awards 2014 winner. Products can be purchased in their web store or in branches of Dubai Al Jaber Gallery in Dubai and in other outlets worldwide. From starting production in a kitchen the company is now turning over in excess of $1,000000 a year!


Without a mentor is like walking blindly in circles, mentoring with the brilliant & very supportive Melinda has helped me take my vision to the next level, huge progress has been achieved. Thank you so much Melinda. You're my star


Lucia Best


Meeting Melinda in France was one of the best business decisions Robert and I have ever made! Our brainstorming session was truly transformational. We went to France knowing we have a solid idea somewhere, but with serious doubts as to whether we can ever make it into a sustainable operation. Getting out of our office and into the French countryside was exactly what we needed. In the space of a few hours spent in a former convent, now cozy boutique hotel, we not only found a way out of a business dead end, but left with many solid actionable ideas and a newly found determination. Our investment in the trip paid off many times over and Melinda’s guidance was (and still is) en pointe!

Hana Tisserand 

The Tisserand Institute

Let's do this

What are you waiting for ?

You have already decided that you are going to build this dream business of yours and you have probably invested a lot of time and money just getting to the starting gate.  I would just love the opportunity to weave some magic with you and to make sure you succeed.  So come on in and let's make this happen.


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