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You’ve completed my 16-week VIP Mentoring Programme or my 12-week Ultimate Skincare Business Masterclass, But you feel you want more.

Well, isn't that kismet because so do I.  During the time we have spent working together I have become very attached to you, my friend, and to your business goals and dreams. I feel like an empty nester! I want to keep our lovely relationships going, too, and I want to help you succeed at every stage of your business.


So where do we go from here?


For many aspiring business owners, the end of a course is just the beginning. Now is when you put theory to practice as you fine-tune your branding, packaging and pricing. You’re negotiating with contract manufacturers, buyers or potential investors and you are getting out there and selling.  I want to guide you through these steps and help you succeed at every stage of your business  So I have created an exclusive membership club just for the clients who have worked with me so that  you and I can continue to move this forwards and make this happen


Top 5 Benefits of Membership

Stay in Touch

Membership offers regular and direct access to me as you implement the process of launching a skincare line. The Hub is how I can work with you directly to help you implement everything that you learned in theory, and help resolve issues as they come up (and they will).

Stay Motivated

When you don’t know how to solve a problem, you get stuck and lose valuable momentum. With membership, your peers and I are there to help you push through the roadblocks and keep you feeling positive and confident.

Stay on Track

Every single entrepreneur in this exclusive group is on a fast track to launching a new skincare brand or overcoming the growing pains of an existing one. But at the same time, it’s easy to get sidetracked or caught up chasing unicorns in a never-ending research loop on your quest for perfection. The hub is a place to overcome these hurdles, and keep focussed on the finish line.

Stay Accountable

It’s one thing to know what you need to do, but quite another to do it. This is where my role of keeping you accountable comes into play. Sometimes, it’s gentle hand-holding; other times it’s a swift kick.(but since you have worked with me you already know that).  I will be there to make sure you stick to your goals and don’t shoot out your own tires.

Stay Inspired

The Hub is a place to encourage and learn from each other. This is not your average Facebook group –  every member has the prerequisite of a solid business foundation through one of my programs, or they are fully immersed in learning the process.


Being part of this membership means belonging to an elite group of skincare entrepreneurs, vetted by me, who are innovatively and actively moving their businesses forward. These are the up-and-coming stars carving out new paths in the landscape of natural skincare. You will meet bright and talented formulators and brand owners from all over the globe, at varying stages of their skincare business journey – just like you. I invite you to join us.*



Here’s What You Will Get


Along with regular engagement with myself and your peers, membership in this dedicated Facebook group comes with these specific offerings:

  •  One-to-one laser coaching sessions
  • Plenty of personal interaction with me to keep you moving forward
  • Weekly ‘Ask Me Anything’ Q&A to help resolve specific issues
  • Live on trend, topic sessions with Q&As.
  • Recorded interviews with industry experts
  • Case studies
  • Fun motivational challenges and checklists
  • Book of the Month
  • Valuable resources and recommendations
  • Invitation to annual get-together in France or London 

Success Is 80% Mindset


The basic business components for launching a skincare brand are, in theory, the same for everyone and you already have more ‘hard information’ than you probably need .


But in practice, each business faces unique challenges as those steps are implemented – and each one can open the door to confusion and self-doubt. Membership in the Skincare Business Success Hub is for you if you experience any of these:


Fear. It’s normal to feel afraid as you skirt the edge of something as exhilarating as launching a skincare line. The Hub is a place to air your fears so they can be swiftly acknowledged and dealt with before they become paralyzing. We’ve all been there.


Limited time. In actuality, you have lots of time for everything you want to do. It’s ‘time management’ that you’re struggling with, and this is easily learned. Starting now.  This membership will not overwhelm you with more basic information its about taking what you have learnt and making sure that you run with it avoiding all the ditches along the way.


Limited resources. True, creating a beauty brand can be costly. All the more reason to avoid expensive mistakes. The Hub can help you keep tight reins on your budget and side-swerve potential money pits.


Not knowing where to start. The thing is, the starting point can be different for everyone depending on where you are in the process. The Hub is where I can offer you personal, customized advice for your particular situation.


Researching. Forever. It feels like the right thing to do – of course we need to do our research, right? But at a certain point, this devolves into a sophisticated form of procrastination. No one has ever launched a business from a rabbit hole, and I am here to pull you out.


Don’t Miss Out!


The Skincare Business Success Hub is only £450 per year or £47 per month (tax-deductible).


Launching a skincare line on your own can be a challenging, confusing – not to mention lonely – endeavour that leaves you second-guessing every decision. But it doesn’t have to be this way.


Join the Skincare Business Success Hub, and be part of a group of smart supportive peers, and gain an open and direct line of access to me for professional business coaching along the way.


*By invite only. Membership is open exclusively to past and current students of Melinda Coss Empowering & Intuitive Business Coaching.

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