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Are you struggling to get a grip on exactly what your products are costing you and what you should be charging for them? 

This powerful spreadsheet will simplify the process of determining the cost of your products and help you make informed decisions that will increase your profits and ensure your business is sustainable.

It is user-friendly and customisable, making it ideal for businesses of all sizes and industries




Costing your products correctly is essential to anyone who wants to grow their business. 

Whilst you may start out only selling direct to the public you need to build in margins that will allow you to sell to stores, wholesalers and distributors when they come knocking at your door. 

With the knowledge this spreadsheet will give you, you will be able to build in informed margins and negotiate with confidence. 


A customisable  friendly spreadsheet that works in any currency with both Excel and Google. It will help you work out the correct cost of your products and the price you should be selling them for to both stores and end users. 


The truth is that far to many talented makers work all the hours under the sun but still struggle to make a decent living.  This tool will ensure that you control your business and it stops controlling you.

From Melinda:

Mastering this simple tool gave me the confidence to turn three of my creative hobbies into highly successful, international businesses"


What is included in this package

A friendly spreadsheet that works with both Excel and Google that will help you work out the correct cost of your products and the price you should be selling them for.


A dummy proof step by step video and PDF instruction sheet that has me looking over your shoulder whilst you are filling it in.


Once you have worked out your basic costs there is a brand positioning template that will help you price your products according to the target market you want to sell to. (In the video I talk you through how this works as well).


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