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Are you passionate about skincare and dreaming of creating your own successful skincare brand? Look no further! Welcome to the "SKINCARE BUSINESS KICKSTARTER" – a comprehensive 16-week group program where I will hold your hand whilst you build a thriving skincare brand. With a focus on strategy, manufacturing, branding, social media, sales and more, this live program will be your roadmap to success.

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Why This Program?

You know what you are supposed to do to get your business going but working alone can feel really isolating and the information about what you need to do to get your skincare business on the road can be paved with overwhelm and the possibility of some very expensive mistakes.


With more than 20 years experience of handholding entrepreneurs along the path to success I have designed this high-touch, live group program to ensure you stay motivated and on track.  During this program we will come together every two weeks on Zoom, with a supportive group of like-minded entrepreneurs in a classroom setting where I will personally hold your hand on this life-changing journey. What sets this program apart is the personal touch. You won't just be another face in the crowd; you'll have plenty of opportunities to interact directly with me, test your ideas  share your challenges and, most importantly find tailor made solutions.

And that's not all! There will also be a private Facebook group where you can chat with and learn from your peers—fellow adventurers on the same path towards entrepreneurial greatness.


Program Structure:

  • 8 x 60-90 minute live webinars and group discussions held fortnightly on Zoom.
  • Classroom setting for personal interactive learning – recordings provided for your convenience.
  • Exclusive Facebook Group for networking, peer support, and motivation.


Live Workshops Timing:

The program kicks off on the 1st February 2024.  All sesssions are scheduled for 6 pm Paris time, so designed to accommodate diverse time zones. But don't worry if you can't make it live; we've got you covered. All recordings will be available in the group, and I'll be there to answer your questions.

Gold Version Benefits:

Opt for the Gold version if you feel you would like 2 x one-hour, one-to-one coaching sessions with me - one at the beginning and one at the end of the program

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Solid Strategy Building: Develop a personal, strategic roadmap that allows you to start implementing your skincare business with confidence and without overwhelming challenges.

Manufacturing Clarity: Clarify and simplify your manufacturing options, ensuring you make informed decisions tailored to your brand.

Professional Branding: Explore options for creating and marketing a professional, visually appealing brand that stands out in what is a highly competitive skincare market.

Social Media Mastery: Define your social media strategy, providing you with a clear action plan for effective engagement and promotion.

AI Efficiency: Dramatically reduce your screen time. Learn how to leverage AI effectively, saving you valuable time and resources spent marketing your skincare brand.

Sales Plan Perfection: Discover the right route to market for your brand, ensuring your sales plan tells you who you are going to approach and when so that you are geared for success.

Effective Sales Presentation: Master the art of creating an impactful and effective sales presentation to captivate your audience.

Delegation Insights: Understand how to build a team and what tasks to delegate, optimizing your workflow for efficiency.

🤝 Join Now and Transform Your Skincare Dream Into Reality!

Limited spots available! Secure your place in the SKINCARE BUSINESS KICKSTARTER Program and let me take you on a transformative journey to establish your own successful skincare brand. Don't miss out on this exclusive opportunity to learn, connect, and kickstart your entrepreneurial dream!

👉 Click the link to enroll now and take the first step toward skincare business success:

Let's make your skincare business dreams a reality together! 🌺✨

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Melinda has provided invaluable guidance to us in all areas of our business, from direction of the company to product design. We would not be where we are without her expert assistance. Thanks Melinda!

The Camel Soap Factory was the Gulf Capital SME Awards 2019 winner Products can be purchased in their web store or in branches of Dubai Al Jaber Gallery in Dubai and in other outlets worldwide

Stevi Lowmass

The Camel Milk Soap Factory - Dubai

Meeting Melinda in France was one of the best business decisions Robert and I have ever made! Our brainstorming session was truly transformational. We went to France knowing we have a solid idea somewhere, but with serious doubts as to whether we can ever make it into a sustainable operation. Getting out of our office and into the French countryside was exactly what we needed.
In the space of a few hours spent in a former convent, now cozy boutique hotel, we not only found a way out of a business dead end, but left with many solid actionable ideas and a newly found determination. Our investment in the trip paid off many
times over and Melinda’s guidance was (and still is) en pointe!


Hana Tisserand

The Tisserand Institute


Working with Melinda helped me clarify my strategy, target customer and products through a series of actionable steps that set me on the right path to launching my business. Her approach is both creative and pragmatic, by asking thought provoking questions she instinctively knows when to challenge and when to support – this saved me from making mistakes which would have cost both time and money. The depth of experience Melinda has in all aspects of running a skincare business and the insight this brings is invaluable for anyone who is serious about building a brand.


Sue Campbell


A Bit About Me

Thirty years ago I started out  as a single mum with no qualifications and three under twos to support.  I wrote a list of what I could possibly earn money at and it was a very short list….. I could type, I could write great letters and  I could knit.


Since then I have built three six figure businesses – one in the craft industry, (I’ve written 30 internationally published books on crafts), one in designer knitwear (which I created and sold worldwide) and one with handmade soap and natural cosmetics. (from my kitchen I built what became the largest handmade soap company in the UK supplying all the supermarkets and major store groups.). I also instigated and ran a major project for The Queen at Buckingham Palace - but that's a story I will tell you when I get to know you better :-) 


For the past 20 years I have coached over 200 entrepreneurs helping them to create there own skincare empires some in the million dollar bracket 


Today I live in The People’s Republic of Facebook and in glorious South West France with my two dogs, Doris & Raphy, my cats Chanel, Bertie, Mimi & Harry and my two chickens Sophie' and Marilyn.

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Key benefits from this programme.

  • The chance for you to jump into your business with the help of a highly experienced industry coach who will steer you clear of all the pot holes you are not yet aware of.
  • Over the last 20 years I have coached over 200 entrepreneurs and helped them to build solid, sustainable businesses. Success starts with a powerful, verified concept and a very clear roadmap to move along.  Together with tried and tested marketing initiatives
  • An intimate live group program where you can test your ideas and find the solutions you are seeking within a safe space.  Allay your fears and build your confidence.  You won't get any fluff from me and I will keep you 100% accountable. 
  • Insider Knowledge. 
    In addition to my knowledge you will also get access to my little black book of top level service providers.   
  • Huge time and money saving. As your coach I am here to take your ideas and to ensure that you will create and implement a strategy that will translate them into a solid, manageable and viable business with a well informed, confident boss at the helm.  Let's make this happen for you 
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If you attend ALL the live sessions you will receive a free, one hour, one to one session with me at the end of the programme.  If you have opted for the gold package this will be an additional session.

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