How To Build a Successful Natural Skincare Brand

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  • You would love to be independent, to work for yourself, and to build a brilliant, natural skincare brand that is authentically 'you'.
  • You've been thinking about getting your own brand off the ground but would really like to learn how to do this from someone who has truly been there and done it.
  • Everybody loves your products or business idea. You are committed to making this work.
  • You have done your research and realise that there are a lot of legalities involved around making and selling soaps and toiletries?
  • You want to source the best equipment, ingredients and packaging at the right prices?
  • You require help to create a brilliant marketing and business plan and to learn how to cost your products?
  • You are struggling with gaining the confidence to go out and sell?
  • You are someone who likes to do things properly. The brand you build must be good enough to compete on the high street and internationally ?
  • You have a load of great ideas and creative talent and there is no way you intend to freeze your socks off trying to sell at local craft markets?

The time has come to say 'YES' to 'YOU' and to really make this dream a reality.


In the last 25 years I built three, six figure businesses not all of which ended in smiles. I wrote 30, internationally published books, ran two retail knitwear shops, supplied products to prestige stores around the world and created, built and sold what became the largest hand made soap company in the UK.

I mentor numerous entrepreneurs who, from nothing have built high street brands (see testimonials below) and I have loved every minute of it. I currently have over 20 products that I formulated and nurtured on sale in stores such as Harrods, Fortnum and Masons, Selfridges and Waitrose.

All this experience allows me to step back, look at the bigger picture and to define exactly what I did right and what I did wrong and I have come up with a step by step working practice that will help anyone who is serious about their own success, build a brilliant natural skincare business and to side step the banana skins I slipped on along the way.


I understand exactly where you are now. When I started my first business I was a single parent of three with no formal education, no income and enough financial knowledge to believe that if your cheque book was empty it meant you had run out of money! My response was to come up with a simple but clever product idea, put on a smart suit and go visit my bank manager. The fact that he lent me the money I needed was entirely due to my passion for my product and my total belief in myself. My first business succeeded because I made myself very visible and was absolutely determined to 'go for it'. These are skills which come from getting clear on what you really, really want and gaining the confidence to go for it.  What I now hear from people as lines of resistance ("I can't take the risk", "I don't know how to do that", "I don't have the money",) were in fact the very motivations that made me successful. I knew that if I didn't take the risk and if I didn't learn to do things properly, I would never live the life I wanted for myself.

The Melinda Coss 16 Weeks VIP Mentoring Programme


Distance you from outdated and pre-conceived ideas and help you see the bigger picture. During the course of the 16 weeks you will learn a lot about yourself and understand how to play to your strengths. You will gain in depth knowledge on the market and when you leave me you will have a defined product range, clear branding and direction and all the knowledge you need to enable you to move forward to success.

What do you get for your money?

This programme will help you

  • Discover your strengths - When you play to your strengths you not only succeed but you will enjoy the journey.
  • Define your goals - When you know where you want to go and plan a path to get there you are already on the road to success.
  • Clear the route - Time management and delegation will allow you to operate at full capacity with total efficiency.
  • Build a Brilliantly Unique Brand - Learn how to make your brand speak for itself and directly to the people who will most appreciate it.
  • Have a perfectly defined range - Some products sell and some don't. Learn what is hot and what is not.
  • Be Legal - All you need to know about Product and labelling legal compliance and trading standards.
  • Find resources and equipment - You will be astounded how much time & money you can save by buying the right ingredients from the right people.
  • Let someone else make it for you - I will introduce you to contract manufacturers who can make your products leaving you free to build your brand.
  • Knowing what to charge - Costing correctly is key to your business success and is as much down to positioning as it is about margins.
  • Dressing up - Packaging should speak directly to your target market and should tell them what they want to hear. Learn how to choose the right dress and where the cool customer goes to buy it.
  • Find your route to market - Establishing a marketing plan that will work right now. Explore marketing concepts that will suit your lifestyle.
  • Learn to think strategically - You need a strategic plan for growth and for exit. These will help attract investors.
  • Ways to get everyone talking about your products - The right word in the right place and your products will easily find themselves on the 'must have' list.
  • Become a Super Star Sales Person - Sales tricks and buyer's agendas. Learn how to deliver what your customers really want from you.
  • Get Visible - Cool ideas to get you noticed.

Melinda has provided mentoring and consultancy from the time I decided to take the leap. Her wealth of practical experience and knowledge in the cosmetic industry has been invaluable.

logo Products may be purchased from their web store or at Mothercare, Holland & Barrett .... As featured in Tatler, Harper's Bazaar, Vogue, Baby London, The Green Parent.  Winner of 15 National Awards,

Established in selective distribution in: Baltics, Hong Kong, Taiwan (Eslite – New Banqiao), Russian (Kengru Stores), Iceland, Malta, Scandinavia, Slovenia, South Korea, Singapore and most recently UAE (Aster Pharmacy).

Violet Reid

The first step I took on my soap-making adventures was buying Melinda Coss "The Handmade Soap Book". I was hooked immediately... The next step was for me to fly over to London to attend a weekend of Melinda's workshops. It was the best investment I ever made.

Handmade soap may be purchased on their web store or in Ireland at House of Fraser, Avoca, Kilkenny, Carraig Donn and Harvey Nichols.

As featured in Irish Tatler, Farmers Journal - Country Living Magazine, The Gloss - The Irish Times Magazine, RTE Guide.....

Donagh Quigley
The Handmade Soap Company Ireland

Melinda has provided invaluable guidance to us in all areas of our business, from direction of the company to product design. We would not be where we are without her expert assistance. Thanks Melinda!


The Camel Soap Factory was the Gulf Capital SME Awards 2014 winner Products can be purchased in their web store or in branches of Dubai Al Jaber Gallery in Dubai and in other outlets worldwide

The Camel Milk Soap Factory - Dubai
Stevi Lowmass

In my research I found out about Melinda Coss and the workshops that she runs in France. I knew that if I was going to get a business off the ground then I was going to have to follow my heart. I said goodbye to my husband and two girls and with little more than an idea in my head, I booked a flight to France to meet Melinda. I had no idea what to expect, but I just knew I was doing the right thing. It turns out that it was the best decision that I ever made. I spent a week in Melinda's farmhouse learning how to make soaps, creams and lotions and Melinda and I talked about the concept of Maddi Alexander and how it could evolve. Every evening I would make hundreds of notes, jotting down thoughts and ideas and by the end of the week my red book was busting with inspiration and plans for the future. I can honestly say that the whole experience was fantastic. I learned so much invaluable information about ingredients, formulas, safety and labelling. Melinda has a wealth of knowledge and experience and her encouragement from the beginning has been inspiring.

mainlogoProducts may be purchased in their web store or in at Fortnum & Mason, The Lakes Distillery, The Private Clinic Fenwick York, Gleneagles Hotel...

As featured in Country Living, You Beauty and at the Winser London Fashion event

Analisa Ariss
Maddi Alexander 

Melinda has a huge amount of experience when it comes to making products or launching businesses that specialise in the natural cosmetic market. As a new business looking to get established in this cosmetic/healthcare space, Melinda's expert advice has been instrumental in our development.

images-1Products can be purchased in their web store or at various pharmacies across the UK

Ashley Metcafe

Melinda Coss worked with Tropical Wholefoods in the development of our Clean Fair Trade Soap range providing excellent, valuable training & advice to our overseas partner in Tanzania in manufacturing techniques and quality control requirements ... she made significant improvements to our partners level of knowledge & understanding of the processes involved and developed a significantly improved soap product for us to market in the UK.

Adam Brett
Tropical Wholefoods

I know it's been only a month since we started this programme, but your knowledge/experience/guiding has helped me so much and makes me move, in what I strongly believe, is the right direction. At the same time, I'm starting to look beyond with a more open mind and this new 'mindset' should hopefully also broaden my opportunities for the future. I must admit that as a small business it was a big decision for me to spend so much on consultancy but somehow I knew this was going to be the best money  ever spent.


Marie-Armelle Tourniant
Savonnerie Badiane

The mentoring is challenging, scary, inspiring, informative, informal, supportive, frustrating (because i am having to challenge my beliefs about myself and my strenghts/weaknesses )

It has made me think bigger than i ever dreamed and that is a scary proposition, so its not just business support but sometimes emotional too.
Vicky Evans
Walk Mill Botanics

We have always found Melinda Coss to be very knowledgeable with a great deal of expertise in her field. She successfully supported our business start up by providing us with new contracts & sourcing essential oils during our development. She has always been very supportive & encouraging in our endeavours. Melinda also provided invaluable technical advice regarding our legal responsibilities, without whose assistance business development could have been postponed.

imagesProducts may be purchased from their web store

Ms Lindsey Hedges
Akamuti Limited

Melinda took the best elements of where my company was, and kicked it up to another level entirely. Working with her was motivating and inspiring, and totally changed the way I viewed myself and what I was capable of.

Barefaced & Bee products may be purchased from their web store

Angela Hall
Barefaced + Bee

I greatly appreciate Melinda's availability by email and quick reaction to every question I've asked her outside the sessions. The contacts and examples she has suggested are precious and her first-hand experience is invaluable. I trust her judgment.

I couldn't have even contemplated going ahead with anything of the sort without the mentoring & Melinda's expertise & support. 
Vessela Petroff

We visited Melinda's courses in France and had such a good experience that we knew she was the right person to have as a mentor.
She is not great only because she has a vast knowledge in the industry, but because she really chooses her projects and help develops each of them in a very unique way.
With Melinda we are also learning how to be independent and to make our own decisions, very important when you are total beginners like us.

Luly & Stefan Gaudiano
Luly Creates


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