Artisan Skincare Brands Should Dream Big !

Uncategorized Aug 29, 2019

' The Artisan' is by definition someone who tends to dream small. The passion is in the detail, the quality and the creativity and these values can manifest into unique and wonderful products that really deserve a universal sales platform.

The skincare market is flooded with gorgeous artisanal products made by highly creative people who are not adequately paid for their efforts so how can we change this ? All that is really required is a mindset shift and a better understanding of the brilliant resources we have available to us. We need tounderstand the obstacles during the planning stages of our business and change them to advantages.

 You cannot make money if you try and do everything yourself

There is magic, talent, science and alchemy involved in formulating an amazing skincare product but once the formula is in place the manufacturing process is not rocket science. Before you use ‘small batch production’ as a USP consider what will happen when you are flooded with orders. The first step towards building a successful skincare brand is to outsource your manufacturing or, at the very least, to train someone else to make your products for you. Going forwards you should also plan to outsource your admin your distribution and your website management ….only then will you be really free to build your business. Put a ‘post it note’ on your computer screen that says ‘Can anyone else do the job I am doing right now’ ? If they can, let them do it.

 Selling Local

Because you have started your business as a solo artisan the chances are that you have set your sales horizons on niche gift and beauty stores and local organic craft markets - maybe with some internet sales to help you along the way. You may even be using the fact that your products are made locally as another USP. The biggest mindset shift you can make is the realization that you now have the potential to sell worldwide via the internet and that you do not have to pay out fortunes to do so. Get to grips with the nuances of successful social media promotion by enrolling in any one of the numerous free courses Google will throw up for you. There is a real art to successful internet marketing and learning how to use it well is your key to growth.  Also, treat your website as a sacred space where you communicate in images and words how your product feels, what it does and who it is designed for. When writing your text harness your passion for your product and talk directly to your ideal customer. Take all your artisanal creativity and use it to express and illustrate your brand values.

 Next Step The Universe

As an artisan I hope that you have learnt the first rule of marketing and that is to design your products to serve a specific niche or market sector. If your USPs were ‘small batch’ and ‘local’ working within a niche can feel like yet another limiting factor but the point is, if your market is the world your ability to reach vast numbers of people who fit within your niche multiplies a thousandfold. In addition, because you are an artisan your products are unique and highly desirable this gives you a distinct advantage over mainstream brands.

 Dream Big

 If you want to run a business rather than indulge in a hobby you need to either be in a position to sell large volumes of product or you need to build a profile that enables you to sell your products at a high price. Either way in this era of fantastic opportunity, if your products are great the only limiting factor you have to deal with is dreaming small. Create a knock out brand, think big, get organised and take time to learn the mechanics of marketing. You are on your way !


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