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9 Ways to Survive the Crisis

Lets face it, the fear all around us right now is palpable. COVID-19 is one viral transmission we didn’t set out to achieve!   It threatens our health and challenges us with change and change is scary. But as with everything, it is only scary if we focus on the negatives so lets stand back and take a long hard look at what is happening here.

The Universe has been telling us for years that we are getting stuff wrong. Its pelted us with fire, flood, bloodshed, famine & locusts to try and get its message across and now – maybe because we didn’t listen hard enough, its decided to legislate by throwing in a plague.

The first thing to remember is that we have been here before. Oldies like me can maybe put some perspective on the whole situation because we lived through the Polio Pandemic in the 50s, an awful time that left over 400,000 people worldwide with some degree of physical paralysis. Today medical science has progressed...

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