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“30% of your business success relies on the message & quality of your product. 70% relies on your ability to sell it.”

‘Selling To Retail’

A six session, group programme that is designed to take you from selling paralysis to loving your store buyer.

6 x fortnightly, 90 minute interactive Webinars with Q&As covering:

It probably started for you with a need, a passion or a bright idea and you have spent months or even years focusing on your product, your brand and all the other legals and necessities that will form the backbone of your business.   But now its crunch time and to make this vision of yours work you know that you have to shift all your creative brilliance over to  finding the people who will love and pay for your products.

Does the idea of selling your products make you want to go hide in a corner ?

If  your answer to that question is ‘yes’ you are absolutely not alone.  Thoughts around approaching retail buyers have left some of my clients spinning with more questions than answers:  Are my products good enough?  Am I charging too much?  How do I approach/find the right buyers to sell to?  Are my products special enough to compete with the competition ?

So imagine how great you will feel if:

You fully understand, before you go out there, how your proposition will look from a retail buyer’s perspective, the questions they are likely to ask you and what you as a business should or should not offer in order to get on their shelves.


The shift happens when you fully understand:

  • How and when to communicate your sales pitch.
  • How to ensure your costings will keep you profitable
  • How to tweak your branding and packaging so it stands out on the shelf.
  • Which retailers you should approach and why
  • What information/Wow factors you should include in your presentation and what you should leave out.
  • How to create a powerful in person sales pitch
  • How to negotiate terms and conditions
  • What sell through support you should offer your retailers


After 15 years coaching new skincare entrepreneurs I know that finding yourself in a key store buyer’s office feeling unprepared and at a loss can cost you a great deal more than the investment you will make in this programme.   In most cases you will only have one opportunity to pitch your shiny new brand to that buyer and I cannot stress enough the difference between going in with confidence and stumbling on questions that you may not understand or haven’t prepared answers for.

The ‘Selling To Retail’ programme will get you clear on what to expect and how to come across like a seasoned professional.

And just check out these bonuses !

  • Recorded Expert interviews with Store buyers and brand professionals.
  • Cheat sheets, and tools which will make life easier for you.
  • A dedicated Facebook group where your peers will support you.
  • An opportunity for you to pitch your products live to me.
  • Evergreen access to the recorded sessions & programme materials.

Lets face it

The time, money and passion you have invested in your business so far has absolutely no value if you can’t sell your products.  Come and join me on the ‘Selling To Retail’ programme and lets me show you how to get this right

About Melinda

I have been devoted to working with Skincare entrepreneurs for more than 15 years now through my signature VIP programme and my Masterclass taking my clients on the journey I took myself from kitchen sink concept to international distribution. In a previous life I founded and ran what became the largest hand made soap company in the UK supplying major London stores such as Harrods and all the major UK Supermarket chains.  I have also written 30 books and in an even earlier life (I have lived many lives) I designed and created handknits which sold in stores such as Nordstrom,  Saks Fifth Avenue, Henri Bendels, Harrods &  Harvey Nichs .  I have also set up three social enterprises in Africa and ran a great project for The Queen at Buckingham Palace (So I know all about opening doors ).


These days I am semi-retired (which means I work six days a week instead of seven)  and I live quietly in an old farmhouse in the South of France with my poodle ‘Doris’.  Nothing gives me more pleasure than the success of my clients…..and my seven grandchildren.


£495 or 2 monthly instalments of £272.

Programme will begin on Monday January 6th.

Sorry we are full - please drop us a line if you would like to get on the waiting list for next time


[email protected]

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